The best 10 hilarious jokes that are quick and easy to remember

 ➡ My wife says for Christmas that she wants something that goes from 0 to 100 in a few seconds so I gave her a scale.

😆 😆  😆  😆  😆 


➡ Have you heard about the new car released in Portugal?
It may be suitable for a small child in the trunk.
It’s called Renault McCann.

😆 😆  😆  😆  😆 


➡ I finally ended up shopping for Christmas: I took my girlfriend to eight different pubs without a drink, then I went back to the first one and bought a pint.

😆 😆  😆  😆  😆 


➡ I saw a dwarf prisoner today come down the wall.
I thought it’s a bit condescending.

😆 😆  😆  😆  😆 

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