The 9 Best Breathing Techniques for Sleep Will Make You Happy

7. The Papworth method

In the Papworth method you focus on your diaphragm to breathe more naturally:

Sit up straight, perhaps in bed if using this to fall asleep.
Take deep, methodical breaths in and out, counting to 4 with each inhales — through your mouth or nose — and each exhale, which should be through your nose.
Focus on your abdomen rising and falling, and listen for your breath sounds to come from your stomach.
This relaxing method is helpful for reducing habits of yawning and sighing.



8. Kapalbhati breathing exercise

Also known as pursed-lip breathing, Kapalbhati breathing involves four steps:

Breathe in deeply through your nose, as though smelling something pleasant.
Pucker your lips as if you’re going to blow on a pinwheel.
Through your pursed lips, exhale 3 times more slowly than you inhaled.
Repeat until you feel calm and sleepy.
Kapalbhati breathing relieves shortness of breath and improves ventilation by getting rid of excess carbon dioxide.



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